The Power of Comedy and Connection

Power of people and connection

I share a birthdate with Jack Dee (although he is precisely seven years older and approximately seven years grumpier than me). And ever since discovering this irrelevant coincidence, I have felt an odd sense of affinity with him. Aside from the fact that I enjoy his sarcastic wit and deadpan delivery, this commonality creates an imaginary kinship in my mind: so I always tune in when he is on the TV. And on said birthdate, I smile to myself imagining how he is likely to be even less interested in celebrating the occasion than I am.


So, what has our birthday association got to do with you (I hear you think in an uninspired, slightly bored Jack Dee-style voice)?


Well, nothing really. But, if you are interested in connecting with your audience, there is some powerful magic to be understood here. Because I guarantee that you too will know of famous people (or just people you know) who you share a birthdate with. It is one of those quirks of self-obsession that we are all prone to from time to time. And just as you don’t care about my ‘association day’ with Jack: no one will care about yours with ‘whoever’. But I hope you will recognise my point. In fact, as long as more than 365 people read this post, it is almost certain that someone will now be thinking ‘how odd – today is my birthday.’


But this is not a blog about sharing birthdays – my present to you on this day is a more valuable gift.


Coincidence and association are powerful magic


Obviously, you won’t have the same birthday as all of your clients, so you won’t be able to create a connection in that way. But, if you are smart and think carefully before composing your marketing messages, you will be able to capture their imagination in similar ways. By being relevant to them, specifically and personally to them, they will open your messages in the same way they might open a birthday present.


Consider how situational comedians, like Jack Dee, assault our humour buds with cantankerousness quips about scenarios and people similar to the people and places we know. We laugh at their stories because we have been in supermarkets where parents are screaming at their kids. We might have had an uncle who left false teeth in unusual places, and we are all fully aware that we live in ubiquitously unprecedented times.


By talking about relevant, recognisable things, you can carefully and tenderly provoke your customers into engaging with your services in a far more personal way.


People are motivated by ‘recognised association’, and the idea of coincidence or serendipity is almost irresistible to most. There will be things occupying your client’s mind that you can tune into – something that really matters to them today. Just think carefully about what those issues (wants, needs, fears or desires) might be. Or you can be very specific about what you already know about them. Believe me, you don’t need to be Derren Brown to read someone’s mind. With a bit of research about your target market, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to make a reasonably accurate educated guess about what is going on inside their head.


If it is your birthday today ‘have a great one’, and if it isn’t, then I hope you have a lovely day all the same