The power behind the PostScript?

We all know what P.S. stands for but do you know what it means? Derived from the Latin’ post scriptum’, it translates as ‘written after’ and pre-empts a transcribed afterthought. Used well, however, the P.S becomes a potent marketing weapon.


Think how Colombo, after questioning a suspect and opening the door to leave, turns and utters those immortal words, “Oh, and just one more thing…” Everyone knows that is the killer question that will solve the crime. How memorable and often quoted are the famous last words of a dying legend or how impactful a keynote speaker’s closing remarks. Even that Post-It note left by the front door can speak volumes and define the passage of your day.


The purposeful postscript attracts the greatest attention and creates more of a stir than the sum of all that went before it. In the case of a gripping story, it can be the difference between a three or five-star review.


Revelations like this should capture any marketers’ attention and open their eyes to the power in the P.S.


P.S. means Power Statement!


There is no doubt that headlines win the battle of importance and influence in any piece of written marketing being read. But it is my firm belief that the P.S. is the most prominent place to compel a reader to take positive action.


Next time you write a marketing piece, my encouragement would be to include a strategically crafted, intelligently designed and blindingly brilliant Power Statement at the end. Here are a few ideas of how to utilise your newly defined P.S.


  1. Extra goodies! You’ve got their attention, made your pitch, laid your irresistible offer on the table and then you add an even more tempting ‘free’ gift as an afterthought!


  1. Memory jog! Obviously, being a marketing guru, you will have made your offer time-sensitive, so the P.S. is a perfect place to remind them of the deadline or similar incentive.


  1. Informal nudge! The disarming power in a P.S. lies in its charming ‘by the way’ feel and position on the page. So be a bit cheeky and ask for the order or make your reader smile


  1. Links elsewhere! Don’t overcomplicate your offer by sharing too many details. Stick to a single action-generating message wherever possible. Then use your P.S. to highlight other things.


  1. Your imagination! Get creative, have fun and think! Your Power Statement gives you a license to break a few rules.


P.S. This is not just a message for marketers


Managers looking to inspire their team could make the difference with a powerful ending. Job-seekers might just stand out by adding in a final deal-making word on an application. Imagine a text between sweethearts sending warmth through cyberspace with a ‘P.S. I love you’. And who knows what it might do for whatever written communication is crying out for that extra something special from you today?


P.S. Please spread the news that post scriptum is dead, and the Power Statement is the new P.S.