Stories not journeys…

Tell valuable stories; don’t labour the journey Reality TV shows, biographies of celebrities and every other rags-to-riches story we hear these days seems to hang on The Journey. The term is so overused it has become almost meaningless, and even in the corniest of backstory flaunting productions, the presenters themselves seem to cringe at its […]

Five Secrets to Composing a Compelling Business Story

Stories deliver in diametrically different ways to sales-orientated marketing. And the key benefit is that people actually want to read stories. Good stories appeal to our primal, curious, human spirit, and when we find one that connects personally, we struggle to let go before we discover how it ends. That is why you sometimes can’t […]

Blogs blow ordinary marketing out of the water 

People love stories. Every civilization and culture that ever left its mark on history was built upon and fuelled by the telling and sharing of stories. Look at the most popular social media, movie, sports or musical icons that surround our lives today, and you will see stories. It is far more than their performance […]