Stories not journeys…

Tell valuable stories; don’t labour the journey

Reality TV shows, biographies of celebrities and every other rags-to-riches story we hear these days seems to hang on The Journey. The term is so overused it has become almost meaningless, and even in the corniest of backstory flaunting productions, the presenters themselves seem to cringe at its mention. Recently I even heard one TV frontman avoid the issue by referring to it as the ‘J’ word.


Here’s a fresh perspective on the power of a journey

Millstones have long been associated with trials to overcome, guilt to carry and other burdens to battle. The proverbial ‘millstone around your neck’ springs to mind (well, maybe not ‘springs’ exactly).

Separated by a letter and some mighty struggle sits another type of stone. Milestones are markers that tell how much further you have to go or the distance travelled. You could also view milestones as reminders of memorable events you have witnessed, endured or conquered. One may even go as far as to say they represent significant turns in The Journey’s tale. They sit along the roadside as place-markers of victory and reminders of precious lessons or discovered inner strength.


You are only one letter away from a change of direction!

What I would like you to think about for a moment are those things in your life or business that weigh you down and hold you back today. Consider the problems you face, which were also there yesterday and (left unconfronted) are likely to be there tomorrow.  Then pick one – just one!

What if you could turn that millstone into a milestone today? Instead of being a burden, it could become a victory, a moment that changed your course, or a step to signify you are on the right path! That sounds like the making of an exciting chapter in anyone’s story. A twist like that has the ring of substantial value and a tale worth telling.

Now, I’m not claiming to know the answer to all your burdens (sorry). But I do know this. It is human nature to ‘grin and bear it’ rather than actively addressing lingering problems. My challenge to you is to set aside time today to confront the weight around your neck or the burden damaging your positive posture. And maybe it is not even your situation you might be solving. What if you make today the day you turned a customer’s millstone into a milestone?

However, you do it; there comes a time when you must turn your plodding journey into a success story. Take action against one thing today, then place it as a victorious marker (a glorious milestone) in the roadmap to your success.


Step two: share your story

Every book you ever read has chapters. These natural breaks encourage you to stop and draw conclusions. If you want to create and share a compelling business story, you should punctuate it with milestones in the same way. Whether it is your story, a customer’s or sharing the ideals and beliefs you stand for – make sure the journey has a point and adds defined value along the way.