Every business knows they should be blogging: and if a job is worth doing...

It’s no use me pretending otherwise, Google’s algorithm is a total mystery to me, and always will be! The way to capture a reader’s eye, caress their ears and compel them to read on, however, is a dark art I do possess.

COMPEL: If you want your voice, knowledge, influence and insight translated into intelligently planned and lovingly penned blog posts, I can help. If you can’t write, don’t have the time to write or recognise your words lack finesse, do not worry. I promise to write so it sounds like you, reflects your tone and brings the best of you to the pages, screens and mobile devices of your ideal readers’ eyes…

CONVERT: Successful blogging requires polishing both sides of this coin. And I implore you to find expert support in your efforts to conquer SEO and shareability. Then introduce me or share their results and I will reverse engineer their tech-wizardry into my story-mastery.



  • 1 x Blog per month = £140 (+VAT)
  • 2 x Blogs per month = £260 (+VAT)
  • 4 x Blogs per month = £495 (+VAT)

Each post 500-700 words and includes a short summary for use across various social media platforms.

  • Poor business blogs tell and sell: while the most widely read posts teach, share and inspire action
  • Written communication is like magic: suggestion, direction and assumption are powerful blogging spells
  • Google loves content: do you have the knowledge but not the time to feed your hungry crowd?
  • Your readers love stories: do you have the ability to turn what you know into page-turning stories?

Two Sides Of The Successful Blogging Coin

Getting found on Google

Why write the most engaging, informative, globally-game-changing blog post ever broadcast to your marketplace if no one gets to read it? I understand this point completely. So (if you provide them) I’ll seamlessly blend whatever keywords and other SEO-darkness you need into the post. But I would still strongly suggest that you see an SEO expert about all the title tags, meta descriptions and any other techy wizardry you need (I can recommend a few).

Getting your words read

Long before buying and selling had even become a ‘thing’ people told stories. The whole concept of trust was built upon the foundation of stories. A list of facts has never generated more excitement than the same information in story form. And if I ask you the adverts you remember best, you’ll reel off a series of stories: then go on tell me why they mean so much as you share some of yours…

What's the next step?

My other services:

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Whether you have written 5000 words in two years or are still looking at that same blank page, I will transform your heart, mind and ideas into your book

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After their comprehensive unpick and repackaging BookPlan experience, some of my clients feel inspired to write their book themselves: Maybe that is all you need!

90-minute Strategy Call to find your story...

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