Maybe Words Could Be The Cure

I’ve been listening to Adele’s version of The Cure’s classic ‘Love Song’. And it got me thinking about the power of beautiful words, an absorbing melody and the rich, passionate tones of an awesome voice flowing like water over pebbles in a stream. There is no doubt the delivery, namely the music and the wonderful Adele herself, play a huge part in moving the heart and ear of those who truly listen; but surely it’s the words which matter most.

Connection, familiarity or even revelations from within lyrics somehow manage to bring comfort or a sense of fellowship to the hearer.  How many times has a song found you dabbing away wetness from beneath your eye, or transported you to another moment in a distant time and place?

Words matter; their meaning, their feeling, and the way their sounds resonate with the purpose of the writer’s mind. So the next time you rush to put pen to paper or finger to key, first close your eyes, slow down and think. Consider the texture and tone of the truths you have to share or the taste and triumph of the dreams you wish to weave. Absorb those thoughts into your heart, then open your mind and give generously through your words.

Why wouldn’t you give your customers your best?

Imagine the music, the voice, and the passion that seasons your thoughts’ rhythm, then compose much more than mere words. Create, caress, converse and convey your imagination into something that will relate to the reader and move them to feel your purpose and take action.

Maybe this is all too grandiose for a piece of marketing content, but believe me, there is something of value here – if you are prepared to listen. People do want facts – sometimes – and they want you to get to the point. We live in a busy world, with under pressure lives and no time to stop and read. But do we actually want to be confronted with boring dribble every single time we search the internet? Is tedious, tiresome content really what your customers desire or deserve? I don’t think so. In fact, I know people appreciate the experience of contact with carefully crafted content. I know this because my customers tell me. What’s more, my customers’ customers tell them too…

The frantic, frenzied nature of life is all the more reason to deliver pleasure to your readers in what you write. Give them a reason to slow down, escape the busyness and be led away to another place for a while. How much more will your customers appreciate that you took the trouble to entertain them, serenade them and touch their hearts with your words?

Your message says a lot about you!

Whether it is a blog post, social media update, email, letter, note or even a text, why not take an extra moment to make it extra special? Are you too busy for your customers or are you prepared to make time to sing them a lullaby or a Love Song?