Is your marketing communication?

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When I was a copywriter, almost every company that approached me to write for them would tell me they are different? Yet when I ask how they differ, most would pour out the same boring drivel as everyone else. The irony was that they genuinely believed they were unique, but their expression of it said ‘we are the same’. 

They claim to: give excellent service, have competitive prices, care about customers, deliver a great experience, and offer value for money, blah, blah, blah. This vanilla language is so dull and wholly unconvincing it achieves the opposite of the intended result. It is unattractive, misguided, and disingenuous to a reader’s ears – everyone claims the same things! I could write much more about the abject statements written on too many websites… but I don’t want to bore you with the details. 

In some cases – just to really emphasise the point – after stressing to me just how different they were, they would send me links to all their competitor’s websites and say, ‘we want our version of that’. (I’m so glad I don’t live in that world very much these days.)  

If everyone claims the same thing, isn’t sameness what they are claiming?

Maybe your business genuinely does provide all the things that everyone else ‘claims’. If so, that’s fine but is being the same as everyone else really what you want to portray. As a searcher or potential buyer of your product or service, I want to know what makes you different! I can almost hear some readers still insisting, ‘but we really do deliver those things – it’s the others who only claim to’. If that is you, you’ve missed my point entirely. 

either be genuinely unique within your marketplace (this is very rare in any business today) or tell your story in an original and creative way.

You see, you only have two choices when it comes to differentiation: either be genuinely unique within your marketplace (this is very rare in any business today) or tell your story in an original and creative way. By all means, if you do have some exclusive, untouchable quality in the way you do things, shout about it, but please try and see it from your customers’ point of view! 

In other words, don’t be boring.

It isn’t what you do; it’s the way that you tell it. For example, instead of stating that you give great service (like all your competitors claim), why not say something like ‘ask us why we have the happiest customers in Hertfordshire.’ And rather than say you are really competitive, try telling your prospects how your current customers get an average 317% return for every pound they spend with you (the specificity of that number alone will be irresistible). Or, if you sell products, tell them that 97.3% of your customers placed repeat orders last year, and then send them to your testimonials page to ‘find out why.’ There are so many story-driven ways to express what you do without using boring, unsubstantiated, blah, blah, same-old claims. 

All it takes is a little bit of time, creative thought and good communication skills (verbally or in writing). The easiest way for you to prepare is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes (in their mind is better) for a moment. Then ask yourself (your customer) what you actually want and what would make you choose one solution over another. Try and resist being prejudiced (because you already believe in your offering) but instead, be objective and seriously think about what would influence a neutral observer. 

Give more than anyone else, and you’ll get more in return!

I can tell you now that people are attracted to evidence, intrigue, challenge, value messages, human stories, special offers, testimonials, friendliness, personality, and ‘being’ different!

And don’t be afraid to give away valuable advice, free trials or discounts either. I promise you the more you come across as helpful and giving value, the more you will sell.