Ghostwriting story-driven business books get read and referred: Boring ones remain on the shelf

Let’s face it, most business books are boring. That is why your bookshelf (like mine and every other business owners’) has become shelf-decoration instead of self-education.

Sadly, the authors of those books may well have a story to tell and wisdom to share, but being a world-authority in their thing didn’t embody the pages. The message was lost in a sea of words and replaced by technical or uninspiring drivel. What a lot of effort for a missed opportunity!

I am a storyteller, and an obsessive observer of life, business, process and people – I am not an expert in your ‘thing’. My job is to find your story; mix it with your message, and craft it into a credibility-building book that the right people will read from cover to cover. And more importantly, they’ll be left wanting more…


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Every book I write starts with my comprehensive BookPlan day to discover the structure and content needed to start the project. With that clarity, some of my clients find their muse and the confidence to start writing the book themselves. I love this, and am happy to coach, guide or wave flags and cheer from the touchline as needed.

Others want me to take the reins and write every single word, BookPlan-to-manuscript, then guide them to the perfect publisher and help put their book on the shelf. This is, of course, a premium service with a capacity for just four to six projects per year – so you may have to wait for the next available slot. But please get in touch.

  • Reader research, idea and title development, and full chapter and content planning
  • Comprehensive ghostwritten content, based on research and personal interviews
  • Professional copyedited and proofreading, publisher-ready final manuscript
  • Overview, advice, guidance and introductions to various publishers (or publishing options)

How does it work?

First we need to understand your reasons for wanting to write a business book (WHY), what you want to use it for (WHAT) and the level of involvement you want to contribute (HOW).
The most critical step is our 1:1 BookPlan Day together. This is the hub, the heart, the very DNA of your business book – the point at which the magic begins.
After the BookPlan has been tweaked and agreed, I craft a 2000-word style-sample to demonstrate how I will transpose your voice, personality and wisdom onto the pages of YOUR book.
Talking, tears and typing: I want to get under the skin of your story and tease out your message to your audience. Through research and a series of recorded interviews, we will draw out the content for your book.
"Just brilliant, from start to finish. Martin saved me months of work"
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