Martin Norbury – I Don’t Work Fridays

While co-running a business mastermind group several years ago, one of the business owners in the room referred to me as her Scalability Coach. The term swirled around my head for several days and everyone I later mentioned the interaction to seemed to nod in agreement with her proclamation.

Shortly after that, someone else challenged me to write my story up into a business book – particularly the part about why I took the decision not to work on Fridays anymore. They suggested that it would be a powerful analogy of getting the balance right between work and life by making sure work functioned perfectly. In a flash, I realised that the two ideas – reducing your hours by scaling your business – were beautifully linked together and the idea of writing a book began to grow.

That is where the serendipitous beginning of writing my book became a little unstuck – because I realised that I didn’t know where to start nor had the experience to give it a go. As it happened, the person who I ran the mastermind group with had just published his second business book – which had been co-authored by Martin Gladdish. So, I gave Martin a call, and we arranged a meeting to discuss some options.

From BookPlan to first pages

As soon as we started to talk, I realised that Martin got it – he was able to capture the essence of the things I had learned throughout thirty years and in business and back into my education and childhood. With Martin’s guidance and advice, we found a structure that could capture everything that I wanted to say about scaling a business while combining it with life events that represented those lessons.

Together we planned, scoped and designed the ebbs and flows of the style that we wanted to adopt. Then with the clear plan laid out before me, the first words made their way onto the page.

Hearts, minds and interviews

With a clear writing plan to follow and using detailed questioning and interviews, Martin coached me through the process of turning my experiences into a fully formed, publish-ready manuscript.

If you’ve read the book, you will be aware that there are some deeply poignant and personal events central to its telling, and Martin was pivotal in helping to find the balance for those hard-to-write pages. If you haven’t read it yet, and you are starting to wonder why I don’t work on Fridays, it is because of the story I just mentioned.

Working with Martin as a book coach made the challenge of writing my book easier and more of a pleasure. He brought clarity to the direction, sanity to my reason for doing it, and accountability to the process of getting the words onto paper.

"Just brilliant, from start to finish. Martin saved me months of work"