Ash Taylor – Hitting The Wall

Like many business owners with years of life and business experience, I knew I had a story to tell and had been planning to write a book for a while. But something kept stopping me. Being in the right headspace can be the ‘clincher’ when embarking on a project you know will draw on your emotions. Then, of course, there’s the pressure of putting yourself out there…was my story and the lessons I’ve learned both interesting and useful?

Finding the time is the hardest part

Another issue was finding quality time to write while my business was experiencing such growth.

So the idea sat on the back burner for a few years. I had occasional days where I came across content that could be included. And thoughts on the concept I wanted to develop would jump into my consciousness every once in a while. I knew the outline, and I knew how much I was willing to share (everything as it turned out!). But again, that time issue was causing a problem…

Don’t wait, just do it!

Then during one of my Mastermind sessions in the spring of 2020, the group I coach decided it was time for me to hold up a mirror and practice what I preach – they told me I should just do it!

Martin is one of my coaching clients and specialises in ghostwriting. As I’ve been working closely with him on his business, I’ve seen how he is achieving incredible success, and I realised I would be a fool not to use his expertise to help get my book ‘over the line’.

I guess the barrier to using Martin before was that I write all the time in my business – blogs, newsletters, speeches, presentations, lessons for my membership site etc. – and I enjoy it. So I felt a bit of a fraud asking someone else to help write my book. I’m sure that’s how many people think. But like I say to my coaching clients: we are not experts in every area of our business. The road to success is to get the right people using their expertise to support you.

Use the expertise available if you want results

Once I realised my previous thinking was flawed, the project burst into action! As I’ve mentioned, I already had a clear idea of the concept. I’m an avid reader, and I knew what did and didn’t work as a business book.

But what I wasn’t expecting was that after several hours of conversation with Martin, that original concept began to morph into something far better. He saw what I had missed: although my life and interests have changed, it was tennis that shaped who I am today. I couldn’t escape that and, throughout our planning sessions, it became obvious that was the direction we needed to take.

Together we went through the timelines, anecdotes, and lessons to be included. And Martin went to work to pull it all together into a concept that fits so perfectly. I could not be happier with the result. I still feel it’s my story, and I felt an integral part of the process.

It’s like chatting to a friend

Another reason I’m so glad I worked with Martin is he is honest and patient, and it’s like recalling your life story with a friend!

He was clear about what we should and shouldn’t include in terms of lessons. And, I knew there were deadlines to meet, but I never felt rushed or overwhelmed.

Martin also has such a gentle, persuasive nature, and it felt incredibly comfortable opening up to him on some of the experiences that still, after so many years, feel so raw. He gave me the confidence to share what I would never have thought I could, and it has, without a doubt, made for a far better book.

“What Martin has done is to add the shine and polish to my story. He found the perfect angle, and I know I would not be as happy with my book if I hadn’t worked with him. Thank you, Martin!”