As a ghostwriter, collecting Case Studies is always tricky. My job is to be the invisible influence who turns a person’s wisdom and story into a page-turning business book. For me this is a magic trick not a deception. Their story still belongs to them – I simply help to tell it well and turn it into a book.

Often people just need help with planning and a little mentoring to keep them on track. So here are some Case Studies from a few of my BookPlan clients.

I really admire Martin’s ability to guide the structure of a book. He must talk to so many people who (as I did) have preconceived ideas but his skill lies in taking those ideas and improving them. He doesn’t just agree with you and write what (you think!) you want – he’s able to enhance your ideas with his own. I felt 100% comfortable with my decision to let him run with his ideas to improve on what I had started.

Once I realised my previous thinking was flawed, the project burst into action! As I’ve mentioned, I already had a clear idea of the concept. I’m an avid reader, and I knew what did and didn’t work as a business book. But what I wasn’t expecting was that after several hours of conversation with Martin, that original concept began to morph into something far better. Together we went through the timelines, anecdotes, and lessons to be included. And Martin went to work to pull it all together into a concept that fits so perfectly. I could not be happier with the result. I still feel it’s my story, and I felt an integral part of the process.

As soon as we started to talk, I realised that Martin got it – he was able to capture the essence of the things I had learned throughout thirty years and in business and back into my education and childhood. With Martin’s guidance and advice, we found a structure that could capture everything that I wanted to say about scaling a business while combining it with life events that represented those lessons.