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The Lazy Optimist is Charlie’s story (although it could equally be about any one of us). It is a story of the fight against ordinariness and a life of unrealised desire that plagues so many people as they reach a certain age. It sets out to challenge the idea that simply ‘hoping’ everything will work out OK will ever deliver a dream. Instead, the book demonstrates that pointing your effort at things you are truly passionate about and getting past the fear of indecision will give substance to hope. In an age where every other self-help manual seems to preach ‘positive thinking,’ this book throws down the gauntlet of ‘positive doing’ and actually getting the dream out of your head.

I don’t believe the word ‘faith’ should ever be prefixed by ‘blind’. Rather it should always be surrounded by positive, deliberate and fearless action. Unattended dreams will eventually disappear or die, but active faith in those dreams will always give them the potential to burn brightly… and maybe even last a lifetime.

If you would like to learn more about Charlie’s story; and see if it might brighten up yours… you can purchase your signed copy below:



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