These books and book-writing resources are for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

For the last fifteen years, I have written every type of commercial and business content you can imagine. I even tried legal documents once but got bored and gave up (genuinely!). From websites, sales letters, email campaigns and tweets; to award entries, information memorandums and online courses… and everything in between.

One day I stumbled upon my muse and took up the mantle of a storytelling ghostwriter. The Business Ghost was born, and I took control of my story. Here are some of the things I have discovered along the way.

This free guide will teach you the 3Ms of marketing success, help you discover the two key ‘whys’ of business book success and give you six questions that will help generate your central content

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You know that dream you always had as a child? Then life came along, scuppered your plans and sent you headlong into a rut? Well, it is time to face your fear: stop being lazy with your optimism and ambition, and seize the day.

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Download my free guide (written in conjunction with the magicians at My Mustard) and learn two fundamental truths; two key actions to take; and two top tips for SEO mastery

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I reveal my exclusive process, defined and refined through the planning, scoping and writing of hundreds of business stories: Four Steps to a story-driven, page turning business bestseller

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