Planning your business book is the only way to transfer your expertise to the page

Q: What makes the mighty English Oak, with its majestic presence at the heart of British culture, landscape and legend, grow into a forty-foot centenarian?
A: The blueprint inside a tiny seed…
Q: How can the finest detail of your personality, physical proportions and stunning good looks be set in bone and tissue before you even entered the world?
A: Your DNA drafted out a plan…
Q: What makes a business book bloom, its story stir reader’s minds and the wisdom within its pages stick?
A: You need a Business Ghost BookPlan!


Before writing a single word of your business or speaker book manuscript, you must have a plan. My experience is that two days of focused, strategic planning can transform a frustrating 12-month project into a fruitful and rewarding 2 or 3-month pleasure. Writing a good business book is not easy – but it is made significantly easier if you have first written a comprehensive BookPlan.

In his seminal book, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen Covey tells the story of a woodcutter cutting down trees. As time goes by, he finds he is cutting down fewer trees per day and begins to worry he is losing his edge. One day his boss, explains that is precisely what is happening. His saw is becoming blunt, meaning his increased effort is seeing a decreased return. My favourite application of this principle is to demonstrate the exponential effects of planning and preparation.

“Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.” Stephen R Covey

A typical Business Ghost BookPlan is a 2000-word document identifying the perfect reader, capturing the essence of the story, and planning the entire story-driven structure of the book: titles, parts, chapters, content, prose, style, forewords and contributions.

  • D Delve deep into your heart, mind, wisdom and purpose
  • N Nurture your ideas, stories and unique perspectives
  • A Arrange the essence of D and N into A plan of your book

What Is Stopping You Starting?

Do you have time to write a business book that achieves what your business needs?
Can you research different types of story structure and storytelling techniques?
Have you got stories, research, key learnings, contributors, methods and themes for your book?
Can you create a comprehensive BookPlan (or should you get in touch and let me help)?

What's the next step?

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