Why marketing is like poker

Marketing is like poker

The uninformed would have you believe poker is a game of luck and gambling a game for mugs. While I would agree with the second part of that statement, I am equally of the opinion that there is no more luck associated with playing poker than with any other game. Think about it for a […]

Writing your business book is easy

Like everything else in life, the key to managing a daunting task is to break it into small, manageable chunks. But that is not the whole truth. There is another essential and symbiotically inseparable part of the equation: You need a plan. If you are writing a book (novel, business book, textbook or any other […]

The Powerful Pen

I wonder if it ever occurred to Dickens, as he wrote the first line of his first novel, that his words would gain immortality and have such a profound effect on generations of readers? Would Chaucer have changed the tone of his tales if he had seen their modern similitudes evolve and take on such […]

Is your writing good enough?

Good enough is good enough for business writing Over the last fifteen years, I’ve listened to hundreds of entrepreneurial experts share their muse, read shelf-loads of business books and enjoyed a wealth of wise and witty one-liners. I’ve started with why, learned the seven secrets to everything, built my business in ninety minutes a day […]

Stories not journeys…

Tell valuable stories; don’t labour the journey Reality TV shows, biographies of celebrities and every other rags-to-riches story we hear these days seems to hang on The Journey. The term is so overused it has become almost meaningless, and even in the corniest of backstory flaunting productions, the presenters themselves seem to cringe at its […]

Five Secrets to Composing a Compelling Business Story

Stories deliver in diametrically different ways to sales-orientated marketing. And the key benefit is that people actually want to read stories. Good stories appeal to our primal, curious, human spirit, and when we find one that connects personally, we struggle to let go before we discover how it ends. That is why you sometimes can’t […]

Are you a lazy optimist?

Please don’t be offended at the suggestion implied in the headline. I know loads of lazy optimists, and they are generally very conscientious, hard-working and busy people. But they do have a problem. And their unwittingly diligent single-mindedness and commitment to their work lie at the root of their commonly-held rarely diagnosed condition. I say […]

Niche to Increase

We all know that focusing on your niche is a smart idea, but most of us still can’t quite resist the temptation to shout about everything we do. It seems restrictive, not to mention downright scary, to only promote or talk about the ‘one thing’ you do better than anyone else, even if it is […]

Do business book summaries deliver the full FORCE of the book?

Would you pay for an overview of movie storylines to save you from having to watch the film? I didn’t think so. People watch films because they want to experience the story, not just know what happened. That is where the true value lies. I think the same could be said of business books. In […]

The power behind the PostScript?

We all know what P.S. stands for but do you know what it means? Derived from the Latin’ post scriptum’, it translates as ‘written after’ and pre-empts a transcribed afterthought. Used well, however, the P.S becomes a potent marketing weapon.   Think how Colombo, after questioning a suspect and opening the door to leave, turns […]