My name is Martin Gladdish, and I’m actually more daydreaming storyteller than a business ghostwriter. I’ve been a freelance writer for over 15 years and spent the previous 20 as a lazy optimist; trying to escape various semi-successful careers in retail management and sales.

I proudly (childlike and excitedly) published my first book, The Lazy Optimist, in 2013, and am now the pen behind dozens of business stories (under my own name and others). I have ghostwritten books on subjects as diverse as coaching, translation, public speaking, forex trading, sales automation, marketing, and website building.

Away from my pen, prose, and poetic tendencies, I am a deep-thinking, clean-living, God-fearing, nature-loving, book-reading husband, friend, and part-time magician.

It was a pleasure to work with Martin on my latest book project. He makes the whole process painless and demonstrated a real knack for adapting his voice and style to match mine. I would highly recommend Martin, as a ghost-writer or co-author partner, to anyone who wants their business message to stand out from the growing crowd of ‘boring’ business books.
- Nigel Botterill, co-author of 'Build Your Business in 90 Minutes a day'

For me, writing is both a means to pay for food, holidays, housing, clothing, and treats; and a place to escape and explore the back of my mind.

Every time I put pen to paper, stylus to screen or fingers on keys I know I might discover a gem. If writing were not an option for me, the plainness of reality would probably cause my mind to implode.

On a happier note, 😃 I would love to teach other people the wonders and joyously consuming escapism of creative writing one day… Watch this space.