A journey without destination ends in everlasting circles

Life is unpredictable. And we rely on stories to draw meaning from the chaos. Each of us sets off in life without any idea of where we are going. We fumble and fight, we challenge and choose, we hurl head against heart: and ultimately, we descend into wandering and wondering what on earth we are trying to achieve. Then comes that time when a distant destination emerges from the haze…

As individuals, business owners and experts in our field, we may never reach that professional horizon. Indeed, only the fool would claim to know everything there is to know about anything. But I do believe some of us can at least define what excellence, perfection or success should look like. For me, that is the essence of a good business story.

And that is why a story has order: Because it is told in stages but must be designed retrospectively…

In these 90-minute sessions, we will unlock your story and inch the door open just enough to let some light shine in. The idea of the call is to answer two key questions and start to formulate a third. And as soon as you book you will receive a booklet explaining exactly what we will cover on the call.

Factors which make for a good business story:
  • Credibility: Have you been there and done that yourself?
  • Practical value: Will you share something worth knowing or learning?
  • Connection: Stories sell! Can yours keep the pages turning?
  • Uniqueness: What is the angle? Why should people listen to you?

What's the next step?

My other services:

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Whether you have written 5000 words in two years or are still looking at that same blank page, I will transform your heart, mind and ideas into your book

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