Martin Gladdish is The Business Ghost
Martin Gladdish is The Business Ghost

Do you want to secure your legacy, tell your story, or share your ideas, inspiration, wisdom and knowledge with the wider world or the next generation in your organisation? Is it time to write your business book?


With decades of combined ghostwriting, editing, book promotion and publishing experience, the Business Ghost team is your best shot at a business book bestseller. Let us write your story onto the shelves.

  • Full day planning session resulting in the comprehensive book strategy document
  • RESEARCH & CONTENT PLANNING. Bespoke research project to source external supporting materials/data/references/intelligence
  • AUTHOR & CONTENT INTERVIEWS. Recorded interviews (planned around the author’s time) to capture stories, wisdom and message
  • FULL GHOSTWRITING SERVICE. The full manuscript is developed, page-by-page, from the BookPlan, research and interview notes
  • SYNOPSIS FOR PR AND MARKETING. A full synopsis of your book will be provided to help gain pre-launch publicity and support the marketing campaign
  • FOREWORD & REVIEWS. Our marketing team will help you secure peer reviews and a foreword
  • Once you have signed off your manuscript, our professional editors will polish your book and make it shine!
  • DESIGN & PUBLISHING. We work with established industry experts to provide a comprehensive publishing service: cover design, typesetting, images, ISBN
  • Once your book has been typeset and all design elements are in place, it will be professionally proofread to take it to the final level of perfection
  • MARKETING CAMPAIGN. As the design progresses, blog posts, articles, press releases and a marketing plan get underway
  • PROMOTION & BOOK LAUNCH. Your book is now ready to be presented to the world using our ‘best shot at a bestseller’ campaign and made available for sale online ‘everywhere’
  • POST-LAUNCH SUPPORT. Ongoing support via written monthly blogposts and weekly social media posts will continue for six months after your launch date
Learn more about our BookPlan to Bestseller process:

Our unique 1:1 BookPlan strategy day:

With Martin, you will unpack the stories, skills and experiences that form the structure and substance of your book. He will then retreat to his muse and create your comprehensive, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, BookPlan!

Comprehensive Ghostwriting project:

If you don’t have the time, patience, skill or desire to write your book, I will ghostwrite it for you (from the first to the final word), applying my heart, experience and creativity to bring your wisdom and story to life.

Compose, edit, and publish proof, promote:

One hundred and one critical tasks and tiny details are involved in making your business book sing. The Business Ghost team take care to prepare, promote, caress, collate, finalise and fine-tune your book into the best publication it can be.

Engaging ghost blogging and content writing

Premium Ghost Blogging

Each package includes...
Your personalised content strategy plan
A choice of 'easily' adapted idea-sharing systems
Regular communications and content ideas
SEO optimised beautifully written, original content
No commitment, no contract...

Who is the Business Ghost?

My name is Martin Gladdish, and I’m actually more of a daydreaming storyteller than a ghostly figure. I’ve been a freelance writer for over 15 years and spent the previous 20 as a lazy optimist; trying to escape various semi-successful careers in retail management and sales.

I proudly (and childlike excitedly) published my first book, The Lazy Optimist, in 2013. And I am now the pen behind dozens of business stories (under my own name and others) in subjects as diverse as coaching, translation, public speaking, forex trading, automation, marketing and website building.

Away from my pen, prose and poetic tendencies: I am a deep-thinking, clean-living, God-fearing, nature-loving, book-reading husband, friend and part-time magician.

The newly assembled Business Ghost Team

My extensive experience working with many clients and witnessing their frustrations in navigating the Bookplan to Published journey led to me handpicking my of, in my opinion, ‘best in class’ professionals.

Each is an experienced expert in their field, and although all independent business owners, they have joined me to form this happy consortium to provide you with a seamless, professional, personal, full attention service… from start to finish. They will project manage, edit, design, publish, proofread, market and guide your book through its entire journey.